"One on One" Individual Photography Training


Have you ever wondered why professional photography sessions yield such amazing results, compared to the family photos that you have taken over the years with your cell phone or pocket "point & shoot" camera?  Do you have a pretty decent digital SLR camera, but can't figure out all the dials and settings to make the camera do what you know it's capable of?  Do you have a flash on your camera, but have absolutely no idea why your lighting looks different than the pros?     Well, I would love to book a series of individual training sessions with you and walk you through the basic fundamentals of photography, to demystify that camera that you may have spent hundreds or thousands on.     I can familiarize you with the exposure variables, camera nomenclature, common settings for different scenarios, lens choices, lighting concepts and/or many other topics that will get you to the next level.     These tutoring sessions are completely adaptable to your needs and can be as basic or advanced as you want them to be.   Contact me and we will get you started soon!